Why Am I Sharing These “Killer” Trades?

Quite frankly, because I like forecasting and teaching and, for me, its fun; but, more importantly, it improves my discipline, as I have to get winning trades to you prior the market open.

My daily analysis actually includes 31 major markets, selected DOW, S&P and NASDAQ stocks, along with the FX majors-Euro/$/Yen/$-Swiss, etc. However, for you, I will be concentrating on the financials (Bonds, T-Notes – 10’s, 5’s,and 2’s), Munibonds, Eurodollar, Agency Notes and Fed Funds; and almost all trades will be in the 30 yr. T-Bond and the 10 yr. T-Note.

Why these 2?

Because these markets have tremendous liquidity, and they’re very hard to manipulate. You also can place your orders and get filled, day or night, with large orders. The only other market that comes this close is the huge Foreign Exchange market.

The Vortex Strategy

Today's Hot Tip!

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