Master the Ultimate Art with our Master Trading Symposium

“Learn The Secrets of The Pros”

Yes, YOU can pick market bottoms and tops. Yes, YOU can make money trading. Yes, YOU must think and act in a certain way; and, if you do, YOU can master the ultimate art.

You will learn how to forecast the market as well as trade the market. Forecasters and traders, as a rule, don’t make money. However, with this unique combination you can become a consistent winner.

Trading Intensives:

Every 3rd weekend of every month, except December, a trading symposium will be given at the Inter-Continental Hotel in Panama City, Panama (location may change according to preferences of the majority).

You invest $4,795.00, includes accommodations and all costs at the Intercontinental Hotel in PANAMA (5-star hotel, 2-NIGHTS), we will also provide the trading tools needed for the symposium.

You will invest a weekend with “Cash” McCall and learn how to use The Vortex Strategy System, you will also learn about trading philosophy and strategies.

Come back for more: Refreshers at $2,795.00

After the Symposium is over, you will be able to:

1. Pick Market tops and bottoms.
2. Give you confidence to act on your trading plan.
3. Allow you to anticipate the market in advance.
4. Demonstrate a correspondence between basic laws of physics and probability.
5. Demonstrate the power of computing as a major trading tool.
6. Elevate you to the position of consistent “winner” in bond trading.
7. You will learn how to trade, period. How to make money, the bottom line of bond trading.
Most important – How to make Trading decisions!


W I N!


This is a brief Outline of the complete Masters Trading Symposium:

I. General
A. Bottoms and Tops
B. Patterns
II. Gann concepts and rules – Critique
III. Elliot’s Wave Principle – Critique
IV. Andrew’s Probability Basics – Action and Reaction
V. Practical
A. Chart Analysis
B. Use of dividers and parallels
C. Short Term Trading
D. Long Term Moves
E. Pivot Counting
VI. Move Endings
VII. Cash’s Combination and Swing Analysis
A. Compass/Divider use
B. Perpendicular square centers and parallels
C. C-C ML’s and parallels
E. Use of Long Term charts in forecasting
F. M.A. & A&R
VIII.Other profit making concepts
IX. Computer Use, Indicators, and other Technological Tools
X. System Management and Equity Reserve / Practical

Refreshers Fee: $2,795
Includes accommodations and all costs at the Intercontinental Hotel in PANAMA (5-star hotel, 2-NIGHTS)

Maximum registrants limited to 10

Email us to ask more about our Symposium schedules:

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