Vortex “Death Trap” Pinpoints Market Pivots! The Vortex Strategy and “Death Trap” System will pin point trades and actual pivot points for assuming new positions, whether the market is with the trend, correcting, breaking out, or just scalping against the trend for day traders.


BPT (Bond Pivot Trades) - short term scalps – expect 6 ticks to 21; day trades, if target is not hit; then out on the close.

BIT (Bond Intermediate Trade) - either a pivot trade or trend entry – expect 2-to-10 days, and profits from 14 ticks to 1½ points. Trade may be pyramided.

BLT (Bond Long Term) - either a pivot trade or a trend entry – expect 1-to-7 weeks for 1½-to-5 full points of profit. Trade will probably be pyramided.

Step by Step Strategy for “Killer” Vortex Bond Trades That Win!

Every day, following the close, data is collected into the night, on the computers. Vortex analysis and pivot point projections are made with computer neural nets and hand charts. Globex trades are also monitored at night in order to give the best entry price in the morning. The best buy or sell price will be exhibited on our trade page at 8 AM or shortly after 8:30 AM – depending on the market reports that are scheduled each day – along with specific instructions, protective stops, and targets. You can logon with your secure password, and access the page at 8 AM for trade intentions and instructions.

The Vortex Death Trap Explained

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