The Vortex “Death Trap” Explained

The only exact and true science that we have, which proves all the rest, is mathematics. In fact, it is through math that we prove everything, whether it is or is not; from Quantum Mechanics to The Relativity Theory, or the way the world goes ‘round. The Totality Theory, which modern physics is beginning to accept, is the perception that there is only one thing, and that you and I are a part of the same thing, which we can call one , a circle, cycle, wave or unity. That this one thing is neutral and impersonal and that a thought in this thing or substance can cause the thing that is thought to be created based on the conviction of belief of the thinker.

This one stuff is held together by opposing electrical pairs. The thinking or events which occur in this substance are shared with all substance instantly. This can be revealed and disclosed by way of the proper analysis of the events over time whether it results in sun spots, earthquakes, coin flips or markets. In other words God does not “play dice with the universe.” There is order in everything in our life even though it may not appear that way. There really is no chaos or confusion!

Vortex Analysis measures mathematically different areas of support and resistance going back over time to the very smallest degree. The smaller degree can change daily but it may not. It depends on market order. There are force fields in the markets and these are like the magnetic lines that encircle the planet and hold our solar system together. Also, they are like the Ley lines that are the connectors of the ancient civilizations. This analysis is then is based on a circle, however it is constantly changing it is not static it must be adjusted to the market.

When the interrelating force fields meet at point they comprise a focus for a trend reversal. This becomes the Vortex. If, when the market reaches this point, the mathematical indicators relating to trend strength, random behavior and pivot count are in conjunction then the market has entered the Vortex “Death Trap”. This means that the market has reached the point where the force fields are trapped, the trend dies and the market reverses. These areas are set-ups and they are “pure gold” when they occur.

These are not daily events. In the meantime, until we get to the “Trap” it is up to the Vortex Strategy to maintain profits and losses. Many times, after we get to the trap and we trade the reversal, we will also have the benefit of pyramiding the position. Most trend following systems will begin entering the market after our 2nd position is taken, some as much as 21-days later. This gives us tremendous advantage for controlling risk and adding substantial profits to the bottom line.

“CASH” McCall.

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