This testimonial page is from real people, about real events, and they are giving their true feelings. In fact, the Vice president from ABN AMRO, listed below, actually visited me offshore, two times, and made the statement that, out of 1000 trading advisors trading through ABN, Vortex analysis had put our record at the very top. Further, even though it didn’t work out, he had tried to introduce another $10 million from Korea for the Vortex trading account.

Actually, the month following, after this letter was written, the account – mainly because of our bond position – jumped another 50%. So, while the letter states a 118% yearly increase, at the end of the 13th month, the account was actually up 168%.

I know some of you may think that, with a trading program like this, our only interest is in making money; well…yes and no. The real gratification comes from doing a good job and actually making your compadres successful, gaining their respect and, then, maybe, getting a thank-you. The beauty of this business is that there is no gray area; you will know right away how you are doing.

Even more rewarding, I find, is the respect from your peers, trading advisers, and pool operators. Further, how great it is when you have taught somebody the principles which enable them to leave jobs in which they are unhappy to become professional traders.

Air Traffic Controller Quits $40,000-A-Year Job After He Made $98,000 In One Week Trading This “Killer System”.

I specifically recall one such person who was an air traffic controller, back when Reagan was President and we had the air traffic controllers’ strike. He was making $40,000 per year and, then, went in for a physical. He didn’t pass. He started to take his instruction seriously and ended up making $100,000 in less than one month in the S&P market. Needless to say, he now has an office in Miami and is doing quite well. When you “come on board”, I would like to hear from you about your success!

Below are various testimonials and/or statements regarding managed accounts, the trading course and Vortex trading recommendations. It is not complete, but it is demonstrative of the response I have received for my work.


To Whom It May Concern: This letter is written to confirm my preliminary analysis of the rate of return earned on the accounts (McCall) trades, currently being cleared at ABN AMRO Chicago Corporation (AACC). Per my unaudited calculation, the rate of return for the (McCall) accounts turns out to be 118% annually.

If you should have any questions or comments regarding this matter I may be reached directly at 312-xxxx-xxxx.

Very truly your,

ABN AMRO Chicago Corporation
Vice President
(Editors note: These accounts exceeded $3 million.)


“Truly amazing stuff. This is a coldly unemotional distillation of the winning methods of the market masters, coupled with “CASH” McCall’s own proprietary techniques.”

“Some teach fancy math and theory. “CASH” McCall teaches how to trade.”

“Vast perspective of futures trading. I had absolutely no previous knowledge of the market. For the serious trader, I highly recommend this class as a great opportunity.”

“With my time commitments and obligations, a managed account seemed the wiser choice; and was it ever! It’s like owning a gold mine without having to shovel.”

“You have given me the courage to enter this trading arena, knowing that I don’t have to worry about order placement. I still study the market, but not like I used to; and I don’t get up in the middle of the night. It seems like the Holy Grail. Even the trades that I call have become winners. It has changed my whole outlook. I’ve moved from being on the outside to an insider, and my trading psychology shows it.”

“My friends know I’m successful trading bonds, and they can’t understand why. I hate to tell you this, but I am not going to tell them why. Thanks to bondtradersbestfriend.net. Robert I especially liked the BIT call in bonds in January. Three points in three weeks! I love it!”

“The BPT is phenomenal. You nailed the pivot point before the trade report, and I was able to place my order 5 minutes before the open and 10 minutes before the report. I picked up 1 point in 45 minutes.”
Thank you, Jules

Editors note: Before big reports, Vortex will signal trade points on both sides of the market. It is important that your order be on the floor, because the market moves so fast, and it almost isn’t possible to get your order there unless you’re online with the floor. I love these set-ups. They will hit about 30% of the time, and you have big profits before breakfast.

“I have traded using the turtle system; and, while it does work, my account was generally too small to hold through the reactions which occur about 60% of the time. That was before I started following the Vortex Analysis. It is perfect for me and has gradually built my account up, without having to sit through the drawdown period. I just trade the BPT and BIT trades. Maybe later, I will get on the long-term move. Thanks for doing a good job.”

“CASH, I must admit I found it very hard to use your reverse orders, especially when my opinion was exactly the opposite. However, am I glad I followed the rule and the trade plan. These have been some of my best trades. Keep on keeping on!”

“CASH, I love trading these bonds with you. Before, I used to try and catch the swings in stocks. What a pain. I had to wait until the market opened; my fills were terrible etc. Now, I see what you mean with bonds. I can have my order working 24 hours per day, no liquidity problem and the fills are great, not to mention the trade calls that have worked just like you said. Also, I love following them on my computer in real time for just $10/month. Good Trading!”

“We are planning a vacation this summer, thanks to the Vortex Analysis, and I am already planning ahead on the hotels where we will be staying. I want to make sure they have Internet access, as I am going to take my laptop, so I won’t miss a trade.”

“I bought a condo for $460,000 and the Vortex Analysis put over $70,000 of furniture in it. I’m a member forever.”
Dr. Jim

“I have lost over $150,000 in the stock and futures markets, and now I can see a consistent way to get it back and make money. My wife was mad at me, the kids were mad at me and, more importantly, I was mad at me. I used everything from the Bollinger bands to moving averages, stochastics, cycles, you name it. I love being with an organization that is a true winner, and I don’t have to do the work. I must admit I was nervous on those first few trades, but I just kept the faith and, boy, am I glad I did.”

“I use a fast time Channel Index (CCI) 7 time period to help call my trades. Since I came online with your service, my profits have skyrocketed and the pivot trades invariably come when the CCI is making the exact high or low. It’s amazing! I also use your stuff to pinpoint the exact high or low in a trading technique which is called the Turtle Soup Trade or the Turtle Soup plus one. You have more then doubled my success, and have definitely added to my trade confidence. May God bless you.”

“I have traded using Elliot Waves and about every thing else. I usually end up on the wrong side of the market, and the waves are setting up an extension of an extension. I don’t know how you do it. On every trade, I try to calculate why we are either buying or selling at the Vortex points. I still can’t figure it out. All I know is that it works and I am thankful.”

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