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If you are methodical and willing to follow instructions to the letter, this program is perfect for you. It takes the need for decision-making out of your life, and anyone who is a trader knows how much time this can take. Some traders study charts for hours, and still can’t decide where they want to buy or sell, and end up missing the whole move.

I want you to get excited about the profits, and how “in command” you feel. Some of you, later, may even want me to manage private accounts for you, or you may want to take the Vortex trading course; but that’s for later. I want you to LOVE IT or CANCEL IT. Everything you have read here is true; the accounts mentioned were not hypothetical. They were real and traded with “real money”. What works for them can also work for you. Your trade calls will be the same.

If you are not in love with my stuff, and don’t like the strategy, cancel your subscription with no questions asked. Explore and decide if this strategy is for you. So join the club now!
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Vortex Bond Trades
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Vortex Bond Trades
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Vortex Bond Trades
(Pivot, Intermediate, Long Term)

Stock Market
Special trades that are set-ups for the intermediate or long-term.

Special long-term position trade with pyramiding

Crude Oil
Special trades that are set-ups for the intermediate or long-term.

This site, the trades and classes are currently not avaible for subscription.  Also, some of the content is dated as this was originally written in 2002.  However, much in the site defines the Vortex strategy and trade plans that CASH has formalized and others have been taught and practiced to become superior traders.  Thus this information can be utilized as it presents a historical and practical basis for trading and review.  This will give a better understanding of what it takes to become a great Trader. 

Cheers, CASH


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