Which indicator do I follow? Today, we have approximately 30 indicators or more. Which ones are the best to use? What time period do I chart, follow, and trade: 1 min., 5 min., 10 min., 15 min., 30 min., 60 min., daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly? Are you getting the picture?

You can be right on your trades in a longer time frame, but very wrong in the one you are trading. The same goes for the indicators, except there are so many of these, it is impossible for the mind to coordinate all of them. A psychologist once told me that, when the mind has to deal with more than 6 diagnostics, it becomes confused. This is exactly the dilemma that today’s traders are experiencing. They get too much information, then lack the knowledge of what time frame and indicator to use for the right period; which results in trade confusion and a loss.

This is the exact reason that the Vortex Strategy works so well. Computers, charts, algorithms and neural nets keep things in perspective. The exact time that traders are getting stopped out of their trades, Vortex is buying. When the news is terrible, Vortex is buying, and vice versa. We all know the old adage, “BUY ON BAD NEWS, AND SELL ON GOOD,” right? But, when it comes around to doing it, how many of us can? No problem for Vortex! Another old adage: “BUY THE RUMOUR, AND SELL THE NEWS.” We use this all the time with the Fed on rate-cuts in the bond, stock and FX market. Again, no problem for Vortex.

Generally, regarding trading, in my opinion, a good trader will break even; most traders will lose money, and the great traders will take money to the bank on a regular basis. This is where Vortex comes in. Why not become part of a club of winners, which can help you to decrease your anxiety, frustration and work load, while stopping the flow of your money out during the learning process. Why not get on the winning side instantly?

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