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As you can see, I don’t fool around when it comes to trading. I call ’em as I see ’em. You can benefit greatly from this site and online newsletter, but you must use the discipline to follow all recommendations, as called, along with the recommended stops. Also, keep in mind the 2% money management risk factor, and make sure you have the capital to be able to invest in this high leveraged and extremely profitable investment technique.

I have made and lost millions; and if you are willing to accept my guidelines, we should make substantial profits. I say, “we,” because my trades will be identical to yours. When you lose, I lose, when you win, I win. That’s a fact. I’ve heard it said that a smart man learns by his own mistakes and a wise man learns by the mistakes of others; and I can tell you, getting to the Vortex System Analysis, I have made, at least, my fair share of mistakes. You can learn from these.

I don’t intend to teach or show you how to beat the market. I don’t think anyone can. We are going to get on the same side of the market, and let it take us where we want to go. Our goal is always consistency on our trade technique, order placement and following the Vortex Rules. Then, let’s praise the laws of physics on the way to the bank.

Trading Involves Risk! Check with your financial advisor before investing in futures.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. You may lose a portion or all of your capital. The information delivered to you has comes from sources we believe are reliable but we cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness.

Bondtradersbestfriend.com and its publisher, “CASH” McCall, may hold positions in the recommendations from time to time. You also understand that you will not hold these parties, or their principles, liable for any losses you may incur. Further, there are no warranties or guarantees regarding the bondtradersbestfriend.com online newsletter and trade recommendations. The investor bears total responsibility and risk for his order placement.

“CASH” McCall

This site, the trades and classes are currently not avaible for subscription.  Also, some of the content is dated as this was originally written in 2002.  However, much in the site defines the Vortex strategy and trade plans that CASH has formalized and others have been taught and practiced to become superior traders.  Thus this information can be utilized as it presents a historical and practical basis for trading and review.  This will give a better understanding of what it takes to become a great Trader. 

Cheers, CASH


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