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I started trading stocks, futures and options over 30 years ago, and I will never forget when I made $2000.00 trading Pork Bellies, while still in college. I was hooked. I started like many of you, reading everything I could.

I studied different systems: Elliot, Gann, Andrews, cycles and probability theory, computer neural netting, and much more. I would drive 3 hours to Chicago every Wednesday, after classes, to learn more from pit traders and, also, about the methods used by George Marichal, who had the ability to call the stock market years in advance. (This incredible feat was disclosed in Garfield Drew’s book, New Methods for Profit in the Stock Market.)

Later, after extensive analysis, I shared some of my work with Ned Dewy and Gertrude Shirk at the Foundation for the Study of Cycles in Pittsburgh. After testing my system for more than 10 years, with real money, I finally formulated the Vortex Strategy System! Read on and find out why Bond Traders at the institutional desk on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade Floor call for trade recommendations 30-to-40 minutes before the market opens.

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